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It's the annual Branksea Kite Festival and Finn is excited about flying his own kite, and seeing how high it can soar! It is a clear, beautiful day with just the right amount of breeze, so all Finn has to worry about now is making sure his kite avoids the trees! A doll that parents of young boys have been crying out for! Finn has been designed as a playtime buddy that boys can relate to. He looks like a boy, with a realistic, healthy childlike body shape, and promotes wholesome play values too; no guns or violence in sight.

Doll Height: 18cm; Hair: Brown; Eyes: Green


Cargo shorts
A star-themed long sleeve t-shirt
Puffer gilet
A diamond-shaped kite

*Clothes fit both the Finn doll and Lottie doll.

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Age Range

3-5, 5-8, 8-12