Don’t Get Got


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Don’t Get Got is a secret mission party game for the whole family. Armed with six missions each you have to complete three to win the game.

You’ll need to be at your sneakiest best to pull these off. It could be hiding your card in a jar of jam and getting someone to open it or convincing a player you’ve got a bad leg. Get caught in the act and you lose a card. Drop your guard for two seconds and you could be walking into a trap.

It’s devious, it’s sneaky and the beauty of this game is that you can play it anywhere: work, school, home, on holiday, even whilst playing another game.

Good luck and remember: Don’t Get Got!

Box contains: 186 mission cards, 8 mission wallets, instructions

Recommended age: 14 years + (although can easily be played with younger kids if playing with adults)

Number of players: 2 – 8

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