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8Bit Box is a board game that will remind you the golden age of video games as each player has a gamepad to program their actions, using three wheels: direction, symbol, and value.

The base game contains three different games influenced by classic old-school video games:

Pixoid – Become Pixoid, a cute little cube of energy, and run around the Circuit Board to escape the Bugs! Stay alive as long as possible while picking up bonuses to score points! All other players take control of the Bugs as they try to catch Pixoid as quickly as they can!
Stadium – Get ready to compete in the most epic Trials ever organised! Your country is counting on you to prove its greatness. With the rest of your team, manage your Energy throughout the vastly different challenges and never forget that good teamwork always carries the day!
Outspeed – Take your place at the starting line of Ultima, the most dangerous race in the galaxy! Deep in a burning desert, between steep cliffs and unstable futuristic installations, take any and all risks to be the first across the finish line. Join the elite ranks of the winners of Ultima!

Wireless, screen-free fun for all the family!

Recommended age: 6 years + | 3-6 players | 15 – 40 minutes playing time

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